The Hurworth Hunt

Etiquette and Dress


These are guidelines only and we would rather see you out hunting even if not perfectly dressed, rather than miss your company.

During the hunting season it is customary for the mounted field to wear a black coat, cream of buff breeches with black boots. A hunting shirt and white stock are expected.

For Autumn hunting, which is by invitation only, you may wear "Ratcatcher" which is a hacking jacket and breeches worn with a shirt and tie or coloured stock. Young riders may wear this throughout the season.


Courtesy and good manners are expected at all times. We hunt entirely due to the goodwill of the farmers and landowners of the Hurworth country. We are ambassadors for the sport every time we go out. Please acknowledge those who help us with a friendly greeting, allow drivers to pass and thank them for slowing down.

When unboxing, please do not block the road. Park in appropriate places, not gateways or mown verges.

The fieldmaster leads the field at all time. Do not pass him or take your own route. If requested to adopt single file when alongside a planted field, you must do so to avoid unnecessary damage.

Please give Masters and Hunt Servants due deference and give precedence at fences and gateways. Please make way for the huntsman, whips or those on point if approaching at speed. It makes their job easier. If hounds are trying to pass the field, turn your horse’s head towards them to avoid a kicking incident.

If your horse refuses at a fence, you should turn away and allow others through before making another attempt. If your horse continues to refuse at fences, please ride at the rear of the field.

If you cause damage this must be reported to the Masters or the Secretary at once.

Gates MUST be shut unless the Fieldmaster says otherwise. Young riders should always be ready to undertake gateshutting in preference to an adult dismounting.

If your horse is new to hunting, put a green ribbon in its tail to make this clear to others. Similarly if your horse kicks, put a red ribbon in its tail and stand clear of others. Ensure that you always have control of your horse and be aware of young or inexperienced riders. Safety is paramount

All mounted members and as many foot followers as possible should be full members of the Countryside Alliance.


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